Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunshine Award

In the end of June I received this sweet award for my blog.
It is the first award I ever received, so It means especially much to me! I received it from Hilde with the interesting and very inspiring blog   
Who got the award from an Australian blogger. 
This is my first award ever, and I was really flattered! 
Thank you so much Hilde!
(Due to high paining "production", and low blogging "production" this Summer, it took me a while to write this blog post..... )
Hilde writes about gardening, nature, herbs, crafting, history and mythology. You should check out her blog!
I started blogging last year, and Hilde helped me out with a lot of the plant names on plants that were in our garden from before we bought this house. 
Lucky Hilde has 2 greenhouses, where she grows all kinds of vegetables, and new flowers for her garden. 
Hilde also colors yarn using plants. 
And she always gives lots of interesting information in her blog posts. A really inspiring blog! 
And I always have to drop by her blog to see what she has been up to. 
She used to have two different blogs, but stopped both of them, and made one new last year.

She gave me this award with theese nice words:

The Sunshine Award can be awarded to ten favourite blogs, but I am going to nominate only one, and that is Ingvild

It is always a pleasure to visit Ingvild's blog Kreativ lycke/Creative happiness. As the title of her blog sais, she is a very creative young woman, and it is great fun to read about her many different projects and her beautiful garden.
Your blog deserves the Sunshine Award, Ingvild, and thank you for all your inspirational posts!
Ingvild writes her blog in Norwegian and English, so stop by to have a look :)

Thank you so much Hilde! It really warmed my heart! 
And most of all I would have liked to give the award to her, because she deserves it!

In receiving this award we are asked to list some of our favourite things.
Favourite animal?

My three favourite animals of all are our cat and our two small dogs (who by the way don't bark, because they were tought not to when they were puppies):
Our Persian cat Cookie (7,5), who is a almost completely indoor cat, because she chooses to, and now she has bad vision on both eyes. She is so calm and affectionate.
Our pug (mops) Butch (7,5), who snores, has astma and is a real couch potato (if he was allowed to....), and has very selective hearing, and third; my first dog Sushi (10,5), who is a mixture of Pecinese or Tibetian Spaniel or Chiwawa - God only knows.... She is smart, and often tries to sneak off for a little stroll on her own when she thinks I'm not looking:). She is very dominant, and when she was younger she used to chase the ball with Boxers and German Shepards - and used to tell them off if she thought they didn't behave. She tends to think she is a bird dog, or sheep herder dog, and has also chased after the ducks of the Norwegian King:). (She is harmless whith her split yaw and baby teeth:) but the Police didn't like it....).

Favourite drink?
Good strong coffee, milk, fresh Norwegian mountain water, and red wine:).

Favourite number?
I don't think I really have one....

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook. I resisted for such a long time, but finally I gave in about 2 years ago, and found that it is a great way to get to know people better, and get in/stay in touch with people.... In addition I usually post my blog posts there for my non-blogging friends to follow:).

My passions:
I think I have too many.... I love my profession as Physical Therapist, but I have many hobbies:). Right now I'm focusing on things that will improve our Home, interior, and garden or making clothing pieces for the kids, just because it is so much fun in the age they are in. And we love good food in this house, so food is always a topic:). 

Favourite pattern?
In general I like easy and quick patterns in sowing and knitting, 
because it makes me feel that I get a lot done:). 
But I'm really happy with my own neck warmer pattern, 
that I knitted for both my children Ella and Daniel.

Giving or getting?
Both are just as awarding. And you can't have one without the other:). 

Favourite flower?
I love flowers in general. But I really love Peonies- because they are so special and lushious, Dahlia because the flowers are so perfect, almost unnatural. And I start liking a lot Clematis - because they make so much out themselves, with their great flowers.

Favourite country?
I have many... I really love the freshness and beautiful nature in Norway, and the calmness of the people. I loved beeing a student in Hungary, and I just loved living in Israel with the straight forwardness and openness of the people, all the amazing food, and all the pretty nature and all the history in such a small place. There are many places I would still love to get to see and get to know.

The Sunshine Award 
can be awarded to ten favourite blogs, but I am going to nominate 4  different ones with a bit different focus, they all write in Norwegian, so I therefore write their descriptions in Norwegian:

Komadyret - en kjempeinspirerende sy, strikke og hekleblogg, fra ei veldig produktiv dame.
Elsker denne bloggen fordi det alltid er masse nyttig info sammen med de herlige tingene hun lager. 
Virkelig verdt å ta en titt på denne bloggen!
Olavas Verden - er bloggen til enda ei dame som bl.a. hekler og syr de flotteste ting. Og har den mest fantastiske fargesansen:). Hun legger også ut oppskrifter, eller annen nyttig info. Og det liker jeg! Veldig verdt et besøk!

Parkvegens Hageglede - er en flott hageblogg, fra en superidyllisk hage i Molde. 
Med de flotteste rosene og mest fantastiske sammenplantinger. 
En enorm hageinspirasjon, med andre ord!

Fru Hansens Kreativiteter - er en kreativ dame med masse energi, som alltid har et nytt prosjekt på gang, stort sett på interiørfronten, 
eller har vært en tur på loppis og rasket med seg noe flott! 
Alltid artig å stikke innom å se hva hun driver med!

Have a great evening!
I hope you'll check out their Inspirational Blogs!


Komadyret said...

Tusen takk for kjempeflott award ;) Jeg setter kjempestor pris på dette og blir nesten litt flau over den fine omtalen du gir meg *rødme*. Jeg skal se om tiden strekker til og om jeg får sendt den videre.....jeg lover ikke men har lyst ;) Ha en fin fin dag videre ;)

Ingvild said...

Bare hyggelig! Jeg brukte kjempelang tid på dette innlegget selv, så det er helt forståelig!

Hilde said...

Veldig artig å lese, Ingvid, og så søte hundene dine er :)